Toccoa – DH Section

The Toccoa river headwaters above lake Blue Ridge is home to the Toccoa river Delayed Harvest section of river. Otherwise known as the Toccoa DH. In the state of Georgia there are five rivers, streams or creeks that the state maintains as a delayed harvest section. These sections of water have specific rules that govern them from November 1st until March 14th each winter. Typically these are bodies of water that normally would be too warm in the summer months for trout to survive. But during the winter months it will support the trout and provides anglers with an excellent place to go and catch trout. Another DH specific rule for these streams is that all fishing must be done with artificial lures only and all trout must be released immediately. The state of Georgia heavily stocks these stretches of water during the DH period and since it is catch and release only the trout angler has a great chance to catch some fish during the tough winter months. In fact 30 to 40 fish days are common on these waters during DH season.

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